Human trafficking exists in every county in the Bay Area.

Together we can stop trafficking in our communities.

The Problem:

Human trafficking is rampant across the United States and it’s in your neighborhood. It's found in local businesses and especially in what we call Frontline Industries — airports, apartments, and hotels — where trafficking victims are forced to move, work and sleep everyday.

BAATC has observed this Work, Move, Sleep pattern in local trafficking cases, and have created a targeted approach to disrupt this cycle at three points that traffickers rely on daily.

3 Points to Disrupt the Business of Trafficking

Who We Are

We are a local organization who trains workers in Frontline Industries such as airports, apartments, and hotels to identify and report the signs of human trafficking at their workplace.

How it Works

Train the Frontline

We train the frontline workers who are uniquely positioned to see trafficking every day to identify and report the signs of human trafficking.

Break the Cycle

We disrupt the cycle of trafficking where victims Move, Work and Sleep by equipping frontline workers to spot trafficking and intervene for victims.

Create a Safer Bay Area

We establish strategic partnerships and create systems and protocols that effectively bring transformation to the Bay Area.

The Impact of Our Model

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Bring Light to the Darkness

Help train those who are uniquely positioned to see trafficking every day. $20 a month means victims of human trafficking moving through airports, apartments and hotels will be identified and their traffickers will be prosecuted.

Current Training Initiatives

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