Help shut down the business of human trafficking in the United States

Human Trafficking is the fastest growing criminal activity in the United States. But together we can disrupt it. Join our community of monthly givers to help us train frontline employees at airports, intervene for victims as they travel, and put traffickers out of business… for good!

From training to intervention to disruption,
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Train Airport

We train airport employees to spot and report signs of human trafficking to localized enforcement agencies.

Intervene for

Airport employees recognize and report human trafficking victims, so potential victims can be helped while still in the airport.

Shut Down the Business of Human Trafficking

Moving victims through airports becomes too risky for traffickers, often forcing them to shut down their business altogether!

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This incredible community is composed of generous, compassionate, and concerned individuals like you who are committed to stopping the business of human trafficking in the United States.

I was trafficked through 26 international airports over 15 years. I just wish someone had asked me how I was or if I knew where I was.


Trafficking survivor

To date, there is no federal or state legislation requiring airports to receive mandatory training on human trafficking identification. Each airport partner we have is a champion who has come to see this training as essential for their employees and for the wellbeing of their travelers.

Betty Ann Hagenau

Founder, Airport Initiative

As a longtime supporter of BAATC's work, I was excited to learn how they are finding points of leverage through Airport Initiative to empower those on the frontlines in the fight against modern-day slavery.

Diana Peterson

BAATC Ambassador & supporter


Questions you might have about our work

Human trafficking is an estimated $152 billion a year industry. Human traffickers commodify or treat their victims as “products,” to be bought and sold every day. This means traffickers often follow a cycle, or pattern, where they MOVE, WORK, and SLEEP their victims through places where you and I work and live. Transportation especially through airports is often central to exploitation.

Key frontline workers at airports are uniquely positioned everyday when they go to work to recognize and report human trafficking. The movement of victims is essential to keep law enforcement and other agencies from locating the central core of a trafficker’s operations. This was told to us directly by former traffickers in San Quentin State Prison in California.

Through 18 months of personal interviews with incarcerated traffickers in San Quentin State Prison, we learned the way to disrupt the trafficking business is to intervene at strategic nexus points where traffickers move, work, and sleep their victims. This led to our focus on training key industry personnel on the frontline at airports who are likely to see and interact with trafficking victims on a regular basis.

Airport Initiative is a human trafficking training division of the BAATC. BAATC is a 501c3 non-profit which started Airport Initiative to strategically leverage its expertise in anti-trafficking training to equip airport personnel to recognize and report trafficking where they work. Since its founding, BAATC has trained over 66,000 individuals in a variety of industries and communities, and collaborated with over 100 anti-traffianizations and government agencies.

Emailing us at: contact@airportinitiative.com is the best way to connect with us for more information and details of our upcoming trainings across the country.
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