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Help us train frontline workers to identify and report the signs of human trafficking every day at work.

The Problem:

Human trafficking is rampant across the United States and it’s in your neighborhood. It's found in local businesses and especially in what we call Frontline Industries — airports, apartments, and hotels — where trafficking victims are forced to move, work and sleep everyday.

BAATC has observed this Move, Work, Sleep pattern in local trafficking cases, and have created a targeted approach to disrupt this cycle at three points that traffickers rely on daily.

3 Points to Disrupt the Business of Trafficking

How it Works

Bring Light to the Darkness is a group of passionate people dedicated to ending human trafficking where they live. By working together we can all be the eyes and ears that uncover this injustice and bring freedom to our communities.

Bring the Light members sustain the work of equipping frontline individuals and industries with the trainings and protocols necessary to shut down a traffickers ability to effectively run their business.

Train the Frontline

Your monthly gift covers the cost of training frontline workers every month.

Break the Cycle

By giving monthly, you help BAATC disrupt the cycle of trafficking where victims are forced to move, work, and sleep by equipping frontline workers to recognize and report trafficking so effective intervention is possible for victims

Create a Safer Bay Area

Your monthly donations ensure that the frontline industries are equipped with highly trained individuals whose eyes and ears are constantly at work to protect our cities.

Help us bring light to the darkness by equipping frontline industries to implement protocols and train personnel to effectively recognize and report trafficking in our local communities.

What your monthly funds directly support:


Covers the cost to train a frontline worker every month


Contributes to the creation of customized online trainings that make it easier and more accessible for all frontline workers to be trained


Helps translate online trainings into the applicable languages needed in various industries

The Impact of Our Model

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