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 Equipping the Frontline

BAATC equips frontline industries to intervene for trafficking victims where they are forced to work, move, and sleep. BAATC is currently training primary airports and apartment complexes across the region to recognize and report human trafficking. 

Starting in 2020, BAATC trained San Francisco International airport personnel to strategically intervene for potential victims while in the airport, before these victims are scattered throughout our region and country. Trained frontline employees at SFO, OAK and SJC help make the SF Bay Area a difficult and risky place for traffickers to do their illicit business.



Former traffickers have shared with us that airports and apartment complexes are essential places for them to easily move and sleep their victims within their extensive trafficking networks. 

We’re up against a criminal enterprise that is highly motivated, very sophisticated, and well hidden. To combat this evil, we have become more efficient and strategic with an Effective Solution, and the Right Team and Mission to get the work done. But we need your financial help to support the work to end the cycle of human trafficking in our local communities.



Only 15% of BAATC’s frontline training program costs are paid for by the frontline industry partners like airports and apartment property owners. In order to expand our training to Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento International airports, and in apartment complexes across the region, we ask you to consider offering your financial support.


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